Monday, 10 December 2012

United Left Solidarity statement in support of defence of Eyptian 2011 Revolution

The following statement was passed at the United Left (the broad left within Unite) quarterly meeting in Birmingham, Saturday 8th December. The situation is developing rapidly, and updates, as well as a translated version in Arabic of the statement, can be found on the MENA Solidarity Network website.
"We declare our solidarity with our Egyptian brothers and sisters who are fighting to defend the freedoms they won in the 25 January Revolution. We strongly condemn the attacks on peaceful protesters opposing the draft Constitution, and the assault on workers' rights to organise and strike led by the Egyptian government since Mohamed Morsi's election.
In June at our Policy conference, UNITE issued a statement which condemned the Egyptian military's attempt to seize all power for itself through emergency powers. Then, as now, we stood in solidarity with protesters who filled the streets and forced those who wanted to re-create dictatorship to retreat.
We also declare our total opposition to the stance of our own government. Behind the fine words of our rulers about respecting democracy in Egypt lies complete contempt for ordinary people's needs. That is why our government backs the deal with the IMF which Morsi has just signed, and which will steal bread and cooking gas from millions of Egyptians through cuts in subsidies.
Together, workers have the power to fight dictatorship and poverty.
We are all united for bread, freedom and social justice."

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