Saturday, 15 December 2012

Great scenes from 2 Sisters picket line, West Midlands

Workers from three sites joined the picket line yesterday at 2 Sisters Food group, West Midlands, where Unite members are taking action pay and conditions, and what they claim to be a bullying culture. It was set to be the first of three strikes, with other days following on Tuesday 18th and Friday 21st December.

What I find particularly impressive is the make up of the workforce (and the picket line). Ethnic minority workers, migrant workers, women workers - all groups that suffer lower pay and worse conditions in general, as well as being the targets of racism, islamophobia and sexism in society and in the media. Yet this is increasingly the reality of the working class in Britain today, and this picket line shows us a glimpse of not only how we fight back against the bosses's attacks, abut also how we can overcome the divisions that the right wing constantly try to exacerbate to divide us.

The workers are apparently defiant and confident to win. There are of course questions as to how this is achieved - can we convince picket line to block the road to stop lorries entering and leaving? And solidarity will be key.

A full report is available on the Unite the Resistance website. Message of support should be emailed to:

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