Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Unite dates for your 2013 diary!

Last week Unite published the schedule of meetings for 2013. It's important for the union that our lay members get their voiced heard throughout the union. So it might be useful to note these dates down so that you can plan for sending motions and remittances through the various structures in a timely fashion. 

Executive Council Meetings:                                              

            11th – 15th March 2013                                               
            10th – 14th June 2013                                                  
            16th – 20th September 2013                                        
             9th – 13th December 2013                                         
Finance & General Purposes Committee:                         

            24th January 2013                                                                  
            21st February 2013
            25th April 2013
            23rd May 2013
            18th July 2013
             4th Sepember 2013
            24th October 2013
            21st November 2013  

Annual Trades Union Congress: 8th – 11th September 2013

Annual Labour Party Conference: 22nd – 26th September 2013

Regional Industrial Sector; Area Activists;
Regional Equalities &
Regional Political Committees

National Industrial Sector Committees &
National Political Committee


National Equalities

December 2012

Jan 2nd – 21st

Jan 22nd – 30th

31st Jan – 8th Feb

March 2013

April 2nd – 19th

April 22nd – 26th

29th April – 10th May

June 2013

July 1st – 12th

July 22nd – 26th

July 15th – 19th

September 2013

Oct 7th – 25th

Oct 28th – 1st Nov

Nov 4th – 8th

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